Treated Lumber Materials


Trex™ has become the leader in composite decking materials and offers many benefits including no splinters, less maintenance, it is environmentally friendly and offers a wide variety of designer colors and textures. It’s also resistant to insects, rotting and sunlight damage.

Care and Maintenace

While all decking material requires some level of maintenance, Trex™ decking only requires gentle cleaning with a mild soap and water to remove normal build up of dirt and debris. Trex™ decking never requires sanding, staining or annual sealing.


Trex™ composite decking comes in a variety of realistic patterns, styles, finishes and designer colors. Trex™ decking is soft to the touch, splinter free and easy to work with. Trex™ materials can even be bent and curved to create beautiful designs and inlaid patterns that are not possible with traditional woods.


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